Get Found By Search Engines and Increase Traffic to Your Site

“My website sucks”, “It looks old”, “Nobody is visiting”, “I can’t find my site on Google”

Are you embarrassed of your website? You don’t need to be.

Usually, simple changes are all that’s needed to turn your website into something you can be proud to show your friends, family, and business associates.

Are you getting any traffic to your site? Would you like to get more? 

Most websites look great but don’t contain the right elements to get found by search engines. Without help from search engines, you won’t get very many visitors coming to your site.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know everything that could be fixed on your site so more people could find you?

Now you can receive a personalized website critique that outlines everything your site needs, such as:

• How to get (and keep) more visitors

• How to increase your email contact list

• How to easily navigate within the site

• How to be found by search engines

• How to make your site professional

• Much more

Here’s Some Examples of a Typical Website Critique

Keywords and Headings


Navigation and Usability

Gaining Potential Customers


This is more detailed than a simple ‘Web Design’ critique. These critiques focus more on building traffic, gaining subscribers, and getting found online.

Internet and Business Gurus Too Expensive?

You will receive 1 detailed website critique by me, Marc Bullard. Not only am I an author and online business owner, but I am also an employee at the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia, the world’s first school dedicated to Internet marketing. Working at the school, as well as working with Internet marketing guru Tom Antion, has given me the necessary skills and knowledge to find everything your site needs to thrive.

“Yes, I want to fix my website”


Get Found By Search Engines and Increase Traffic to Your Site