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Let me be your YouTube channel manager. I can do everything and anything for you OR I can consult you on what needs to be done. Schedule a free 30 minute consultation or email me for more info.

YouTube Marketing and Consulting – This is the bulk of my work. People always need either a YouTube consultant or a done-for-you service. I offer both.

Keyword Research – Knowing what words your customer is using to buy products will help you get connected to them before your competition does. This requires studying current keyword trends and then taking that information and using it as a tool to get customers.

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Knowing the keywords is just part of the battle. You then need to include them in your website. This requires updating the content on your site so search engines like Google can find your site. Optimizing your site helps get traffic and visitors.

• Social Networking – Everybody’s heard of Facebook, but how can it build customers, generate leads, and advertise your products or services? Knowing how to use not only Facebook but other social networking sites, means you can broaden your business or brand’s ‘presence’ online.

• Domain Registration – What’s an online business without a website? Domain registration is one of the first steps to creating a business online. Although it’s not too difficult, it can become an annoying snag if it’s not done correctly.

• Website Hosting Setup – Once you have the domain registered, you need to host it somewhere. This requires knowledge of using cPanels and DNS servers. Are you confused yet? Don’t worry about it. That’s what I’m for.

• eCommerce (Shopping Cart and Merchant Accounts) – Most online businesses want to sell some sort of product or service (duh). In order to get money from your customers, you will need shopping cart software of some sort; and if you want to let your customers pay with a credit card (most will) then you need to know how to use a merchant account.

• Product Creation (DVDs, Books/ebooks, CDs) – Have an idea for a book but don’t know where to publish it, market it, or make it a file for the Nook, Kindle, or iPad? Do you have a great recording of an interview or a podcast you’d like to make into a CD? Do you have a fantastic idea of a training DVD? Marc has done all of these numerous times. It’s easier than you think.

• Podcasting – Want to create a podcast? People still love podcasts and they are easy to do with free tools. Marc can show you how it’s done.

• Teleseminars – Okay all you big business consultants out there, how great would it be to charge your clients to listen to you talk on the phone? You can do that with teleseminars and I can show you how to do it.

• Webinars – Already done with teleseminars and your now ready to step it up like the big boys? Webinars are what you want to do. I have done multiple live webinars using free and pay software. I’ve had many webinars that were overflowing with registrants and I know how to keep them all online the entire time.

• WordPress site creation – With the power of WordPress, your traffic can increase overnight. Also, WordPress makes it easy to create professional, high quality websites. I can train you on how to use this software or I can go under the hood himself and make changes for you.

• Graphic Design (Photoshop) – Who wants a website header, who has a photograph they want to put on their site? I have been doing graphic design for many years as well. I can create something that might be perfect for your site.

• Video Production – My strongest point is video production skills. I can show you how to create your own videos to promote you and your site. With step by step training, I can help you break into one of the most powerful online marketing tools ever.

• Animation (Animated Logos) – I have created animations for independent films, corporate videos, marketing videos, and much more. If you need an animation created, just let me know.

• DVD authoring and creation – Creating products is a great idea. If you are thinking about creating DVD products, I can take you from start to finish. I can even help you sell them without putting any money up front.

• Video Marketing/Youtube Marketing – Online video is projected to increase dramatically within the next couple of years and it just happens to be my main focus of expertise. I know how to use videos to market your product and services. I can show you what a lot of other marketers are not doing whatsoever. You really need to use videos and video marketing if you are to be successful online.

• Website Analytics – Setting up a website and not tracking how many visitors come to your site is not only a bad idea, it will end up costing you money and time. Analyzing website statistics is not an option in this business day and age. Don’t leave your webiste without it.

• List Building – Having an email list of potential clients is one of the most valuable things you can have when it comes to marketing online. I know what it takes to get people on your email list and what it takes to keep them happy. A happy email list means happy customers that will buy from you time and time again.

• Creating Joint Ventures – Joint Ventures not only help build your email list, they can also help with making a large chunk of money on the spot. I have done joint ventures (JV’s) with some of the biggest Internet marketers in the business.

• Camtasia training and operation – Screen capture software like Camtasia is invaluable when it comes to creating products, training clients, and more. I have used Camtasia extensively for not only my client’s products, but for my own as well.

• Blogging – Blogging is one of the easiest and best ways to get noticed by Google and to get traffic. I run several blogs and know how to optimize them for the best search engine results.

• Automation (Setting things up to be done automatically) – We all want more free time, and it’s no different with a business. Using automation techniques to handle some of the more mundane tasks is not only a good idea, it’s a life saver. Marc knows how to save you time and make your marketing life easier.

• Membership Sites – Marc has run and owned numerous membership sites, including adding content, handling new members, accounts, forums, connecting to shopping carts, and more. If you’re thinking about starting a membership site, talk to me.

• Affiliates – Becoming an affiliate or working with affiliates, I have done both. You can make a lot of money with affiliates. And you can make a lot of money being an affiliate. Ask Me how.

I can help you with any or all of these services. I can consult and train you how to do it yourself or I can do the work for you.

– Marc


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