YouTube needs a premium option

You know what would be nice with YouTube, a premium feature. An option to maybe pay a small monthly fee in order to remove all of the ads that show up on almost every video you watch on YouTube. If this option was available, I’d seriously consider paying for it. Something around $2-$5 per month would be perfect. YouTube could monetize their site without subjecting all of it’s users to go through the annoying ads every couple of videos. Not only would this allow for some great playlists, but it would help YouTube get dedicated users to log in. Logging in would help YouTube figure out demographics of who is watching what. Here’s how I would like it broken down for YouTube users:

1. Non Logged in user – this user just goes to YouTube in order to watch a couple of videos and go on with their day. They don’t want to comment, they don’t want to upload, they don’t want to be a part of the community at all. The non logged in user would also see ads as often as YouTube wanted to show them.

2. Logged in but non paying user – this user wants to watch videos but also comment, upload, create playlists, and generally be part of the YouTube community. If a user is logged in, this helps YouTube figure out demographics for related videos, video popularity, and targeted ads. The logged in but non paying user would still see ads, but maybe not as many as option 1; however these ads would be targeted to each user’s interest and therefore provide important information to advertisers that want to place ads in specific demographics.

3. Premium, paying user – this user would pay a small monthly/annual fee to use all of YouTube’s features minus the annoying ads. YouTube is still making money and the user is happy. Everybody wins. The premium option could also provide a discounted rate for rentals from YouTube.

Which brings me to another point. Oh yeah, YouTube is now charging for rentals. Just like Netflix, YouTube has movies for rent. How many people actually knew this, and more importantly, how many people are actually using this service? I know, I didn’t know about it either but hey, they’re trying. Unfortunately for them, Netflix and Amazon are providing the same feature but with added incentive. Netflix has a larger library and Amazon offers free 2nd day shipping when you sign up to their streaming service (which is cheaper than Netflix). So YouTube has a tough road ahead of them, a premium monthly option could help keep them competitive.


Social Networking on YouTube

Did you know that YouTube tries really hard to be a social network? Most of the time people think of Facebook when they consider what a social network is, but YouTube has almost all of the same features plus other features that no social network has. First, what makes YouTube a social network? Here’s some of the social features YouTube offers:

• Comments – viewers can comment on specific videos or on a person’s YouTube channel. This encourages interaction with others which helps keep people on YouTube longer. It also creates dialog with other viewers which in turn helps increase views. There’s also an option to vote on the best comments.

• Sharing – giving viewers the chance to share their favorite videos helps increase view count and keep dialogue and interaction going.

• Bulletin Posts – you may post anything you want on your channel as a bulletin. Your subscribers will be alerted on YouTube and in their emails. Then, they’ll be able to read your bulletins. This is very similar to Facebook status updates. However, don’t go crazy with bulletins. If you send out too many, your subscribers may feel you are spamming them.

• Messaging – you can send a private message to any YouTube user.

• Voting – viewers can vote on other viewers comments as well as voting on specific videos.

• Favoring – you can favorite a video that you like – whether it’s your own or not. Your friends will be able to see what videos you’ve favorited. This can help increase views.

So what are some of the extra features that YouTube has?

• Video responses – viewers may respond to your video with a video of their own. These are called video responses.

• Insight – YouTube’s Insight allows you to get some information on your viewers such as age, gender, location, and when they stopped watching your video.

• YouTube power – YouTube is now the second largest search engine right behind Google. Isn’t that crazy that a video sharing site is now considered a very large search engine? This means videos are showing up in search results on Google. The number of videos on a particular keyword compared to articles on the same keyword is noticeable. The lower amount of videos means you have a better chance of showing up on the first page.

There are many more reasons why YouTube is a social networking site. That’s not important. What is important is whether or not you are using YouTube as the massive marketing tool it is. Are you?


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Youtube is your tool to increased sales.

Youtube Receives over 2 billion views every day

24 hours of video is uploaded every minute.

More video is uploaded to YouTube in 60 days than all 3 major networks created in 60 years.

Facebook users watch 46.2 years of video every day.

Any questions?

Imagine in 1993, you knew everything about the web that you know now. Would you have done some things differently in your business? Most people would.

Now, imagine that opportunity has arisen again. Would you jump at the chance to get in on the ground floor, to be one of the first to utilize a growing, powerful new entity in the early stages of its growth? Most people would.

Youtube is that new entity. All the numbers point to exponential growth and it’s not stopping anytime soon. Yet online marketers aren’t doing a lot with it, mostly because they don’t know what to do. The people that do learn how to use YouTube effectively will see massive growth in their business and fly past their competitors.

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