Marc Bullard’s Online Business Mentor Program

All the benefits of an online marketing coach without the expense!

  This simple and inexpensive subscription system gives you access to training and strategies that will make your online business money. But more importantly, it will give you direct access to me: Marc Bullard 

Scheduled, unlimited 1-on-1 phone consultations, unlimited email support and detailed critiques of your entire online business from top to bottom. Find answers to the questions that matter most.

  • Youtube and Social Media Strategies
  • Video Marketing Strategies
  • eCommerce Systems – 1Shoppingcart training, merchant accounts, training
  • Product Creation – Cd’s, Kindle, ebooks
  • Webinar Training and Sales Strategies
  • Copywriting and Sales Letter Creation
  • Ebook and Printed Book Publishing and Promotion
  • Email Marketing Strategies
  • Search Engine Optimization and Website Critiques
  • Website Content and Writing Strategies
  • Blogging Content and Strategy
  • Forum Marketing and Press Releases
  • Joint Venture Training and Opportunity
  • Audio techniques and more.

Free access to all of my live training tutorials, webinars and products.

  • Video Content Super Course
  • YouTube Marketing Mastery
  • YouTube Marketing Manual ebook
  • More Than Optimization ebook
  • Awesome Webinar Method ebook

 And Last But Certainly Not Least…..

4 Videos Edited, Uploaded, and Optimized per month.

You shoot the footage and I’ll take care of the rest. I will edit your video, put in graphics, titles, and more*

Video marketing is one of the most powerful tools to get traffic and revenue sources to your products.

I am known internationally as THE video marketing guy.

I have over 15 years in video production and editing. As well as over 5 year’s experience with video marketing, especially YouTube.

I am the author of numerous video marketing and online business books as well as the creator of many video production, video content, and video marketing training products (which you get access to).

I will go in and manage your videos to make sure they are fully optimized for YouTube. This includes uploading, optimizing for the search engines, annotations, commenting, and more.

Finally get the results your business deserves.

Why pay for a high-priced mentor program when you can reach your goals in a shorter amount of time and pay for only what you need?

“Yes, I want scheduled unlimited phone consultations, unlimited email support, professionally edited videos, special marketing products and more!

$99 monthly

 $77 Trial Period 1st Month



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Read the details of this program. I am Internet multi millionaire Tom Antion’s Video Guy, School Instructor, and mentee consultant for nearly 6 years, offering high-level phone consultations and training for all of his mentees. I helped them achieve success with social media,video marketing, copywriting techniques, website design, SEO, blogging, product creation,  and e-commerce systems among dozens of other strategies. I am also the Head Instructor of the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia. I am now offering the same expert advice with my own mentor program: an easy to afford, pay-as-you-go subscription service. Subscribe until you are successful and then cancel when you want (1 week notice required). Details and Terms * Graphics consists of lower third title and 1 product/event/etc overlay. Edited videos are to be no longer than 5 minutes in length.