How to capture your screen, make an audio recording, and record from a webcam using Quicktime

A lot of people want to know what’s a good program to record your screen. You might already have an option available to you, Quicktime. Quicktime can record your screen, make an audio recording, and record from a webcam. Check it out.

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How to Create CD and DVD Labels for Free

I’m always getting asked product creation questions. Most of the questions involve some sort of logistical problem concerning the actual creation of the product. Most of the information products I recommend are CD’s or DVD’s. The biggest roadblock clients have has to do with creating the artwork and then burning the discs. I use free services online to create the artwork and then I use free fulfillment sites to burn, package, and ship the product. Here’s a video on how you can easily create CD or DVD labels for free.


Watch Part 2 here: How to get your information product created for free.


Get Paid to Create Your Own Product

Creating and selling products online is a fantastic way to make a large, passive income. I recently created a training video case study on not only how to create your own product, but to also get paid in the process of creating it. I have use this method more than once very successfully. It was originally $5 but now it’s FREE. Watch the advertisement below (disregard the price, it’s free).

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